What is GALCOIN?

GalCoin is a coin that serves as a medium to maximize social value and accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution through the creation of artistic assets based on the new digital economic theory. GalCoin starts off with expensive paintings. GalCoin is a future coin that will lead sustainable and stable growth by converging Block Chain and AI technologies that will be conducted in various fields of society in the future and distributing social surplus values and resources to the public.

Data base list

FineArt Blockchain believes that the market demand for tokenized artwork will be sufficient. However, more precise policy and strategic coordination is needed for the art market, which is a field where market principles are hard to apply, to operate more transparently.

More than anything else, let's look at the contents of FineArt Blockchain database. We will include the following:

  • The life of a painter.

  • Photographs of works, photographs of various angles such as front, back, top and bottom of the works.
  • Partial and granular photos. These are very important points because these are proof of ownership of the work.

  • Detailed story about painters and owner.

  • Information about the ownership of the artwork.

  • The credibility of the issuer and other certifiers.

  • Appraisal and price of the artwork.

  • The credibility of the evaluator in particular the detailed information about the evaluation entity and the evaluator's evaluation background.

  • Story about the owner. For example, the story of the owner changed and the background.

  • Storage receipt, past storage related contents and future expected story.

  • Storage and storage place.

  • Details of the transaction, i.e., details of the entity that had sold it.

  • Exhibition details.

  • The opinion of the critics.

  • Personal comments.

  • Packaging.

  • Frame material (wood or metal).

  • Picture modifiers and modified contents.